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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sattu: A must-have desi cooler on your shelf this season!

With the temperature rising in most parts of the country, having a drink that is easy to make and can be consumed effortlessly at any time of the day is surely something that excites each one of us. The market is flooded with different alternatives from various brands leaving individuals to hunt for the best product that not only soothes them in the hot weather but promises a variety of health benefits, all at once.

Though there are many substitutes in the market to keep you hydrated, there are only a few beverages that promise a variety of health benefits. One of them is sattu, a popular drink that originated from Bihar and is made from roasted Bengal gram.

The amazing health benefits and filling properties of sattu have made it one of the most popular drinks in the country and among the urban population. Sattu contains an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, fiber, magnesium, and sodium and has an amazing outcome for your immune framework.

Here are some benefits of the desi drink that will help you discover all the goodness and its mind-blowing effects on your body.

The healthiest coolant in the market

Imagine feeling dehydrated and looking for a drink that has no added fillers and preservatives and can only add nutritional value with every sip you take. In that case, sattu is your best bet. If you are somebody who is a health freak and believes in keeping a clean diet, having the sattu sharbat every day can add up to your regime and help you stay fit.

The natural cooling properties of sattu helps you by lowering the body temperature significantly while keeping you hydrated. A chilled glass of sattu in the blazing heat makes sure that your body does not catch the stroke and is up and running throughout the day.

The best alternative to Protein Shake

100 grams of sattu can provide you with approximately 20 grams of vegan protein that helps you in gaining muscles and replenishing the body. A perfect powerhouse for all the vegan lovers out there! Ditching the synthetic protein and switching to a pack of healthy sattu can do wonders for your body.

Mix it up with buttermilk or simply water, sattu recharges you instantly. you. Adding a clean and rich diet to this is like a cherry on the cake. Combined with the right diet and workout, Sattu can also help you gain more muscle mass.

Smooth and glowing skin

The age-old Indian practices include the use of sattu for treating hair loss and nourishing the scalp to promote more hair growth. Sattu does not only have magical effects on your hair but can do so much more to your skin.

Consuming Sattu every day can hydrate your skin leaving a glowing effect on it. The presence of iron in the drink lifts the energy levels of the body and gives your skin a shining effect throughout. This can likewise upgrade your cosmetic worth and restore the natural glow by preventing tears and breaks in the cell.

Flushes out the Toxins

Consuming sattu sharbat on an empty stomach can help you reduce morning bloats and facilitate bowel movements. This can help you in enhancing your metabolism which in turn will help you burn fat and calories easily.

No wonder, the benefits of sattu are immense! The presence of a high amount of insoluble fibers in Sattu can help you cleanse your colon and release greasy food from the intestine, thus providing a natural solution for constipation and acidity.

Beats different lifestyle diseases

The general issues of diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol can all be kept in check by consuming sattu on a regular basis. The presence of a low glycemic index in the drink can be a reliever for diabetic patients.

A restricted amount of sodium in the drink can lower down the risk of high blood pressure and keep your lifestyle on track. Having a glass of sattu with a pinch of salt can be useful to keep your cholesterol levels in check henceforth reducing the risk of a heart attack.

We hope this article was a boon to your research. We’ll get back to you with some more insightful and amazing content that can help you in keeping a healthy and happy lifestyle.