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How Sattu can become your ultimate companion as a protein supplement and a mass gainer product

If anything we have learned from the past year is that the greatest gift to oneself is staying fit and healthy. With the growing awareness and the necessity for sustainable living, protein supplements have become an important part of the health and wellness regime for every fitness freak out there.

Since brands are coming up with a variety of healthy drink options on a daily basis, the market is loaded with various inorganic protein supplements that contain sugar, calories, or even toxic chemicals. In such a scenario, individuals who are on the lookout for vegan and organic alternatives often struggle to find the right drink that balances their diet plan and suits their body type.

If you are somebody who’s looking for a protein substitute that is filled with the perfect composition of vitamin, mineral, and protein, then ‘sattu’ is the best pick and the only alternative you should be looking out for. This desi drink originated from Bihar, India and is a complete powerhouse; an ultimate source of energy.

60 gms (4tbsp) of this roasted flour will give you 19.7 grams of high-quality protein and is no wonder the best organic substitute for any energy drink in the market. Sattu is even considered equivalent to a ‘Whey Protein shake’. Made from the roasted Bengal gram, sattu is the most conveniently available product and can be found at any Kirana store in your locality.

The goodness and the wholesome nutrition present in sattu makes it an equally best alternative for kids and adults. Sattu combined with water or buttermilk can act as a natural mass gainer or can be used as a substitute for weight loss.

Sattu, being a powerhouse of nutrients, is not only vegan but also gluten-free, which means that you can still consume it regardless of your food allergies or preferences. It contains traces of calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium, which are essential for tissue repair and maintenance. Since it contains large quantities of fiber, sattu helps you in cleansing the colon and stomach thereby leading to weight loss.

Intense workouts are often followed by an increase in body temperature due to a steady increase in heart rate.

Sattu before a workout can prevent the body from overheating along with keeping the body hydrated. Nearly 65% of sattu is carbohydrate therefore it also provides the necessary nutrients and energy for an optimum workout

Owing to its excellent fiber content, low glycemic index, and low glycemic load, intake of Sattu increases the satiety level thus providing the feeling of fulfilment even after an intense workout. This leads to better hunger management, diet control and greatly contributes to one’s weight loss.

Drinking sattu regularly doesn’t only help in gaining mass but also promotes the growth of red blood cells in the body thus improving appetite. Its detoxifying properties also help you in flushing out toxins which is an integral method for weight loss. Try consuming sattu every day to protect yourself from harmful bacteria.

This versatile flour allows you to consume it in whichever way you like. Feel free to make a porridge adding milk, banana, nuts, and seeds, or simply mix it up with a glass of water. Sattu can be used in multiple ways and can be easily gobbled throughout the day. The adaptable properties of the sattu can also help you make some delicious Indian recipes including ‘sattu ke parathe’ or the good-old famous ‘sweet sattu’.

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