A little something for a healthier you.


Our power box is filled with nature’s love and power-packed nutrients. Finest quality Sattu delivers essential proteins, minerals and vitamins. Combined with aromatic spices, we ensure taste is not compromised. This is one small step everyday towards your health and well-being.


The star of our products - Sattu, is a powerhouse of vital nutrients - proteins, fiber, iron and other minerals. A traditional ingredient that is now embraced globally. Sattu is an excellent ingredient to strengthen hair and obtain clear skin, naturally. Not only does it improve your physical strength, it builds your immunity and helps in digestion.


We enable our customers to achieve their fitness goals with our inputs to simplify their way towards good health.


With our evidence based nutrition and workout plan, exclusive only for the monthly box, you get the right coaching to achieve your fitness goals - be it weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance. Our plans are basic guidelines since no one shoe size fits all.


Health issues such as diabetes or anything else that's of concern to you? Fret not, we can customise the one month power box for you.


Sounds hassle free, doesn’t it? Build a new you! Energised, focused and balanced with a simple homemade drink.



One Month Power Box

  • The One Month Power Box comes with:


    1. 4 Power Boxes: A bundle of strength in a combo of sweet and savory flavors. 7 sachets of ~30 grams of each flavor. Perfect to prepare your own nutritional drink, for energy on the go. 
    2. Nutritional Plan: to simplify your dietary intake.
    3. Workout Plan: a little burn to make it all effective.