• Taniya

    Taniya has been having the power mixes daily during her pregnancy and says "I feel full of energy despite the extra weight."

  • Erica

    Erica is a young working-mom and swears by the power box, as it has been a life-saver for her, especially in these unprecedented times.

  • Vipul

    Vipul is a food scientist and an entrepreneur. He understands the need for access to quality and affordable nutrition on the fly. He says "Power Box is the right step in this direction".

  • Anurag

    Anurag is a busy central govt. official and is continuously on-the-go. He says "I am forced to skip meals at times, and OMH's power box has been a boon. I can never go back."

  • Karan

    Karan, as an entrepreneur has just started his fitness journey. He says "I love the drinks and have them everyday as a part of my fitness routine."

  • Harjot

    As a professional singer Harjot has no time to focus on her health. The power box has been a lifesaver for her.

  • Bhavesh

    Bhavesh is a fitness freak and is always on the lookout for convenient options to improve his nutritional intake. In jest he says "looking forward to my 8 packs by the end of this month ;)

  • Neha

    Neha is a new mother. She was always tired due to the added responsibilities, and the power box has changed the game for her.

  • Ashok

    Ashok is a retired businessman who had lost touch with his fitness routine. OMH's workout and meal charts have helped him return to his youthfulness. He says "I have started feeling like a 20 year old again ;)"

  • Anita

    Anita is a grandmother of two and has her hands full managing her farm and family. Power Box has simplified her life in the cacophony of the daily grind.

  • Anjala

    Anjala is a socially active person and now at the age of 62, OMH's power box has given her easy to follow guidelines to help keep her health & fitness as the top priority.

  • S.P. Saran

    S.P. Saran is a 60 year old agro business owner who has a very active lifestyle. He finds that the power mixes are both healthy and tasty, and compliments his meals.


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