Our Story

Our journey

The journey starts off with two individuals passionate about health and fitness crossing each other's paths. While the pandemic was keeping us locked up in our homes, we had a chance to get to know each other. Our minds were brimming with ideas and the stay-at-home got us talking a lot. We began exchanging thoughts on nutrition and fitness, talking hours over the same, and one thing led to another. While our conversations brimmed with ideas, our bond deepened. Our mutual interests and long conversations strengthened our relationship and finally led to our marriage. With several ideas brewing in our minds, we wanted to create a platform to execute those ideas and thus Oh! My Health (OMH) was born where nutrition and fitness combine.

Whether it be yoga or strength training, any form of fitness is incomplete without nutrition. Stemming from two contrasting fields of fitness, we realised the paucity among people in viewing health in a holistic manner. We at OMH, work towards encouraging people to view health from all aspects.

Our backgrounds

Hailing from an agricultural background and being third generation agriculturists, we understand food right from the stages of growth, processing and consumption.

With the perfect balance, like Yin and Yang, we envision fitness through hard core strength training and the calming Yoga that soothes your soul.  We encourage the principles of Hatha Yoga, Ha- energetic like the sun and Tha- calming and tranquil like the moon. Hence, combining strength and flexibility, indulgence in alleviating mental stress is our mantra to good health. Calm mind with a strong body does wonders.

Growing up consuming Sattu, we realised that these days instead of incorporating our traditions and homely recipes for fitness drinks, we, the modern generation, go for the glam in the market which is not always organic or natural.

What sets us apart?

Sure, there are a lot of health brands and energy drinks out there in the market. Why OMH?

Health is mostly seen as physical attributes alone. New trends with little to no credibility and a lot of misleading information on health based on one size fits all notion is followed by most people. People seek modernity and forget that our ancient traditions of healthy living and food are boons to us. We see health as having many layers and in all aspects- physically, mentally and spiritually.

With our background in different forms of fitness - yoga, strength and conditioning, we have gathered thorough knowledge. We understand where and how people lack and what they need at the moment.

Health is not only about physical fitness. Mental and spiritual health are vital to being healthy overall. We follow the motto of:

  • Integrity: through our well designed health plans

  • Honesty: through our commitment to providing highest quality ingredients, and

  • KISS (Keep It Steady & Simple): our instant nutritional drink is simple to make and helps you achieve your health goals steadily.

Not only are we providing you with an instant nutritional drink that gives you a burst of energy, we ensure you enjoy it, through its homemade taste and quality.  We equip our monthly box with our guidance on nutrition and exercise based on our thorough understanding of evidence based science and practical experience.

Our wonder ingredient - Sattu

Our star ingredient is Sattu which is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Made of wholegrams and spices, sattu delivers proteins and minerals. As a post workout drink, it serves as a source of instant energy. Replace a meal with our satiating energy drink for weight loss. Incorporate sattu in between meals, to gain healthy lean weight through its protein rich content.

All of this in homemade flavors!

We source all our raw ingredients from our farms and also the farmers in our local community thus ensuring you fresh and high quality taste. Our products will leave you feeling energised, focused and balanced.

Our vision..

is to make our customers a part of our family. Our aim is to encourage customers to view health in a manner away from the myopic mindset prevalent today. We encourage an integrated approach towards health - good nutrition, fitness and exercise to keep you strong, spiritual cleansing and relaxation in making you complete.

Our mission..

  • is to support and embrace traditional ingredients for good health. Local, artisanal, and organic - these are the most sought after words behind any food product  including performance enhancing blends among people today. We cater to this niche with our Sattu blends that provide the required nutrients, especially protein, to your daily meals.

  • is to enable people to be self sufficient when it comes to their health and fitness. We aim to help you achieve your specific fitness and health goals in a steady yet long lasting manner with our detailed and evidence based nutrition and workout plans. Let us guide you, to help you be in tune with your body, so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by innumerable sources of misinformation.